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At Luna Pet Products we are passionate about pets and pet rescue. If you are a book lover, you are going to go wild over Dreams of Ydalir, a historical fantasy novel, where one of the main characters is a sweet little rescue dog, named Hart.

Author, Jenn Campus is an animal lover, and is passionate about her animal companions. In fact, the character, Hart is loosely based on her own rescue dog, Pepino. The main character in the book, a 17-year old girl named Fawn rescues Hart from a dangerous situation, and they become each others’ comfort. We learn through the story, that Hart is so much more than he appears, showing that looks can often be deceiving, and the smallest creatures can sometimes have the biggest impact.

Jenn says: “Pets are such an important part of their humans’ lives. I know I’ve gotten through some rough patches easier with my animal companions by my side. Fawn [the main character] has a lot of challenges to go through in the story, and looking back on my own life, I knew it would better for her to get through them with a furry friend by her side, like I did. Pepino my own little hound is my best friend, and in basing a character on him, he will be immortalized forever. Readers will fall in love with Hart, and will love finding out the mystery behind his character, and discovering that he is more than what he seems. Sometimes it is the smallest creatures who can have the biggest impact. They can go places almost unseen, which is a good thing in our story”.

More About Dreams of Ydalir

Where Norse Mythology and Mists of Avalon meet, this is a “must read” historical illustrated fantasy set in the lowlands of Scotland and the Otherworld in the year 1794. It is a coming of age story and the untold love story of the Gods, Wuldor, God of the Hunt and Elen of the Ways, an ancient Deer Goddess.

The majority of the story is written in journal format from the perspective of our 17-year old heroine, Fawn, who discovers her life’s story and her survival is mixed up in myth and magic.

If you are into Fiction, Fantasy Art, and Northern European Mythology, you will love Dreams of Ýdalir . Dreams of Ydalir tells about a world that exists beneath the veil of our own familiar world, and one that you will love getting lost in.

The story is beautifully illustrated by well known fantasy artist, Roberto Campus who has worked for many famous publishers like Marvel and DC Comics, Game of Thrones and War of Warcraft TCGs as well as Dungeons and Dragons and Gurps, so he has an immense passion for Fantasy. As part of this promotion, eligible parties will receive a FREE high-resolution download of Hart.

So if you love animals and are reading this right now, read the rest of the post and find out how you can win some goodies from Luna Pet Products and Dreams of Ydalir!

If Dreams of Ydalir gets to their goal of  $400/month level (or more!) on Patreon, they will share 25% of the profits for April with the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. In fact for every $100 more worth of subscriptions they will share an extra $25.

What we are offering:

  • Coupon Code for Dreams of Ýdalir Newsletter subscribers to Luna Pet Products. We will be sending that Coupon Code in a newsletter to subscribers at the end of March to give people time to sign up
  • Subscribe to Dreams of Ydalir this month, and receive the first TWO chapters, instead of just issue 1. The second issue introduces the character, Hart, and we want everyone to get access to that right away.  The first two issues are over 100 pages of story, plus, illustrations. This will be sent out the first week of April, when Patreon payments go through for those who subscribe during this promotion
  • Free High Resolution download of Hart illustration by Roberto Campus, featured in Dreams of Ydalir . This will be sent in the same newsletter as the coupon code at the end of March
  • Giveaway on Luna Pet Products of a collar to a Luna Pet Products newsletter subscriber
  • Giveaway of a handmade (by the author, Jenn Campus) needle felted Hart character to any Dreams of Ydalir Patreon Subscriber. Winner will be picked at the end of April

What you have to do to be eligible:

  • Become a DOY Patron to have a chance to win the needle felted Hart